Home Groups

There are three Home Groups that meet in different places, three in the evening and one in the afternoon. This is to give an opportunity for everyone to be able to go to one of the groups.

Upton Tuesday Evening Group
The Upton Home Group meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm.
We spend time in bible study, prayer and sharing our joys and problems in safe surroundings.
The group, which varies between 6 and 12 in number, is relaxed and friendly.
We meet in different homes or in the church hall.
For the weekly venue please contact Gerald at info@uptonbaptistchurch.co.uk

Welland Tuesday Evening Group
The Welland group is currently meeting in different people's houses. Sometimes there's a Bible study that all the groups are doing, and at other times members of the group choose what we'd like to study.
Sometimes we invite visitors to come and speak to us, such as people that we have a connection with who are doing missionary work in different parts of the world.
We have a social evening a few times a year to which we invite friends.

Upton Thursday Afternoon Group
Around 8 of us meet regularly in a home in Upton at 3.00pm on most Thursdays. We meet to study the Bible and for fellowship and we finish with a time of prayer.
Sometimes we use study notes but usually we read aloud the passage for the week from our Bibles, each of us reading a verse in turn, then we discuss what it says and what it means.
Questions our asked to make us read the study notes in our Bibles, look up references or think about how what we have read applies in our lives in the world today.
We follow special courses for Lent and Advent to prepare us for Easter and Christmas. Most people's lives tend to be busy and it's good to stop and think about what those times really mean to us.