Prayer Chain

The Church has had a flourishing prayer chain for many years and its purpose is to allow as many people as possible to pray for any particular subject, which may be prayers of petition or prayers of thanksgiving. We believe that people are helped by the prayer support of others.

Messages were originally passed by telephone but this has been largely superseded by e-mails. The main advantage of email is that everyone receives exactly the same message. The speed of emails is also useful when prayer requests are urgent.

Requests for prayer are passed to either of two coordinators who then send out the message by email. The same message is passed by telephone to a few people who do not have access to e-mail. There are currently about 24 people who receive prayer requests by the prayer chain.

At present most prayer requests are generated by church attenders and those known to them and all items which are put forward for prayer are accepted.

The system is also occasionally used for rapid dissemination of other information.