Baptism and Dedication

Baptism and Membership

As Baptists, we invite those who want to be closely associated with our church to become members. Membership is an expression of commitment both to following Jesus and to doing so as part of the community of people of God meeting here.

For those who come newly to faith, we have the practice of baptism. Baptism has always been the way of becoming part of the church. One of the distinctives of Baptist identity is that we baptise when someone express their own faith and their desire to make the commitment of following Jesus.

We practise baptism by total immersion, usually during the morning service. If you would like to explore baptism further we would love to chat.

Dedicate your child

The gift of a child is always something to celebrate and we instinctively want to say thank you. We only baptise those who have made a personal and informed decision to be baptised as followers of Jesus. Babies and young children are yet to make that choice for themselves - so we wait. Of course, we hope and pray, when they are older, they will want to be baptised. But, in the meantime, we believe that should be their own decision.

Dedications are are always full of joy and are a great reason for a celebration with friends and family!